Initial Consultation

The initial consultation includes taking a case history and examination to help determine the cause of the problem and treatment options.

The case history involves questions in regard to the problem(s) you have presented with. Other areas asked about include any previous episodes, any other past problems and an overview of your general health. The latter is to ensure that any treatment directed towards helping with the presenting problem doesn't aggravate and upset any other condition you may have.

The examination will usually involve a visual assessment in static positions and during various movements. Palpation of the body, again either in a static posture or during various movements also gives information to aid diagnosis of the problem(s) and therefore indicate an appropriate course of treatment.

After examination including any tests, then if appropriate treatment will be carried out.

For an initial consultation we allow up to 1hour.

Follow Up Consultation

Follow up consultations are shorter and we allow up to 1/2 hour because there is no need to ask your name, address, contact details, whether you are diabetic, had any accidents or surgery, etc.

Dependent upon treatment response, more of the same treatment may be carried out, or it may be altered as appropriate.


Retford Clinic Fees

Initial Consultation £40.00

Follow Up Consultations £30.00

Discretionary Rates: For children up to 19 in full-time education and adults in receipt of the state pension Initial consultation £35.00 and Follow Up consultation is £25.00

What To Expect

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